Oct 28 (Monday) @ Room 401.
Time Program
08:50 Opening Remarks
09:00 Invited Talk: Daniel Cremers (TU Munich)
“Direct Visual SLAM for Autonomous Systems”
09:30 Invited Talk: Jonas Unger (Linköping University)
“Synthetic data for visual machine learning”
10:00 ‘Learning-to-Drive’ Challenge: Opening remarks and winners’ presentation
10:30 Coffee Break
10:45 Invited Talk: Raquel Urtasun (Uber ATG & University of Toronto)
11:15 Best Paper Award:
Range Adaptation for 3D Object Detection in LiDAR
11:15 Oral Presentations:
12:35 Lunch Break
14:00 Poster Session
15:15 Invited Talk: Bernt Schiele (MPI for Informatik)
“The Bright and Dark Side of Scene Context and Disentangling Adversarial Robustness and Generalization”
15:45 Invited Talk: Marc Proesmans (KU Leuven)
“Towards a real-time full-surround vision pipeline for AD: advances in object detection, tracking, semantic analysis, 3D perception”
16:15 Coffee Break
16:30 Invited Talk: Fisher Yu (UC Berkeley)
“‘The Past is Never Dead’: Learn to Track and Predict for Safe Driving”
17:00 Invited Talk: Peter Kontschieder (Mapillary Research)
“Computer Vision with a Billion Images from the Wild”
17:30 Closing remarks


  1. Each oral presentation has 10 mins. The presenter can decide to leave some time for Q&A.
  2. Note that the workshop only has the standard HDMI interface, so make sure your computer has one.


  1. Poster are for all accepted paper and abstracts; The dimension of poster panels is 1950mm (width) x 950mm (height). There is no specific requirement for the poster. The authors may want to have a size which fits the poster panel well.
  2. This workshop has 20 Poster stands: from #141 to #160 in Session 5, which is next to Room 401. See below for the poster ID.
  3. Note that posters can only be put up after 13:00 and need to be removed after 18:00.

Accepted Papers

    All papers are available in CVF Proceedings. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by authors or by other copyright holders. All persons copying this information are expected to adhere to the terms and constraints invoked by each author’s copyright.
  1. Conditional Vehicle Trajectories Prediction in CARLA Urban Environment, Thibault Buhet, Emilie Wirbel, Xavier Perrotton. (Poster #141)
  2. Range Adaptation for 3D Object Detection in LiDAR, Ze Wang, Sihao Ding, Ying Li, Minming Zhao, Sohini Roychowdhury, Andreas Wallin, Guillermo Sapiro, Qiang Qiu. (Poster #142)
  3. Adherent Raindrop Removal with Self-Supervised Attention Maps and Spatio-Temporal Generative Adversarial Networks , Stefano Alletto, Casey Carlin, Luca Rigazio, Yasunori Ishii, Sotaro Tsukizawa. (Poster #143)
  4. DeepTrailerAssist: Deep Learning Based Trailer Detection, Tracking and Articulation Angle Estimation on Automotive Rear-View Camera, Ashok Dahal, Jakir Hossen, Chennupati Sumanth, Ganesh Sistu, Kazumi Malhan, Muhammad Amasha, Senthil Yogamani. (Poster #144)
  5. Spatio-Temporal Action Graph Networks, Roei Herzig, Elad Levi, Huijuan Xu, Hang Gao, Eli Brosh, Xiaolong Wang, Amir Globerson, Trevor Darrell. (Poster #145)
  6. Multi-View Reprojection Architecture for Orientation Estimation, Hee Min Choi, Hyoa Kang, Yoonsuk Hyun. (Poster #146)
  7. Advanced Pedestrian Dataset Augmentation for Autonomous Driving , Antonin Vobecky, Michal Uricar, David Hurych, Radoslav Skovier. (Poster #147)
  8. RotInvMTL: Rotation Invariant MultiNet on Fisheye Images for Autonomous Driving Applications, Bruno Arsenali, Prashanth Viswanath, Jelena Novosel. (Poster #148)
  9. Soft Prototyping Camera Designs for Car Detection Based on a Convolutional Neural Network, Zhenyi Liu, Trisha Lian, Joyce Farrell, Brian Wandell. (Poster #149)
  10. FuseMODNet: Real-Time Camera and LiDAR Based Moving Object Detection for Robust Low-Light Autonomous Driving, Hazem Rashed, Mohamed Ramzy, Victor Vaquero, Ahmad El Sallab, Ganesh Sistu, Senthil Yogamani. (Poster #150)
  11. Fishyscapes: A Benchmark for Safe Semantic Segmentation in Autonomous Driving, Hermann Blum, Paul-Edouard Sarlin, Juan Nieto, Roland Siegwart, Cesar Cadena. (Poster #151)
  12. NADS-Net: A Nimble Architecture for Driver and Seat Belt Detection via Convolutional Neural Networks, Sehyun Chun, Nima Hamidi Ghalehjegh, Joseph Choi, Chris Schwarz, John Gaspar, Daniel McGehee, Stephen Baek. (Poster #152)
  13. On Control Transitions in Autonomous Driving: A Framework and Analysis for Characterizing Scene Complexity, Nachiket Deo, Nasha Meoli, Akshay Rangesh, Mohan Trivedi. (Poster #153)
  14. Towards Learning Multi-Agent Negotiations via Self-Play, Yichuan Tang. (Poster #154)
  15. DBUS: Human Driving Behavior Understanding System, Max Guangyu Li, Bo Jiang, Zhengping Che, Xuefeng Shi, Mengyao Liu, Yiping Meng, Jieping Ye, Yan Liu. (Poster #155)

Accepted Abstracts

  1. Online Ego-Motion Estimation Using LiDAR Point Cloud Clustering, Oded Fischler, Raja Giryes. (Poster #156)
  2. Risky Pedestrian Prediction at Night Based on Likelihood Combination, Jimi Lee, DuYoug Heo, Byoung Chul Ko. (Poster #157)